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May 12,2022

Nitrile Medical Gloves Market Size, Share, Growth, Trend And Forecast Till 2028

The global Nitrile Glove market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.8% from 2018-to 2028. The rising prevalence of health concerns and increasing demand for safe and effective healthcare are key factors driving this growth. The leading nitrile medical gloves market players have adopted innovative strategies to sustain their growth. These companies are focusing on improving product quality at a competitive price through collaborations, M&A activities, and adopting cost-saving initiatives for procurement of raw material and production facilities that can accommodate a capacity expansion or alterations required to meet rising demand requirements. Some other major strategies include setting up new plants and process innovation to reduce the cost of production.

Segmentation Of Nitrile Gloves:

The nitrile medical gloves market is segmented based on the product category. These are PVC, natural rubber and synthetic materials. Synthetic Materials Medical Gloves Market Experts see a rise in the demand for nitrile medical gloves. Healthcare professionals prefer them due to their proven efficacy; easy application lessens health risk factors and comparatively better comfort than other types of gloves.

The increasing incidences of diseases such as diabetes type II have created an increased need to have gentle treatments yet provide maximum cushion ness, which can be accomplished through the use of nitrile examination glove assortment. Another trend the manufacturers are following is the reduction of energy consumption by selecting appropriate heat transfer materials such as nitrile medical gloves to provide enhanced comfort and efficacy at less cost. The increasing use of Nitrile exam gloves for a wide range of healthcare institutions, anesthetists, physiotherapists and surgeons has also propelled the market growth alongside increased awareness about its efficient/safe performance.

The Purpose And Power Of Nitrile Gloves:

Nitrile gloves provide many benefits when used in a healthcare setting. They are:

1) Durable and waterproof:

Nitrile gloves are strong and water-resistant, making them ideal for contact with wet or greasy substances.

2) Easy to clean:

Most nitrile gloves can be cleaned easily with soap and water.

3) Added protection from germs:

Nitrile gloves protect healthcare professionals from bacterial infections, commonly known as "bacterial or fungal" diseases, due to the medical gloves' ability to provide protection.

4) Improved healing:

Medical Nitrile is also helpful in wound healing by accelerating and increasing proteolysis. This process dissolves proteins and allows new skin cells (keratinocytes) to join together on an injured body area.

 5) Weaker odour than vinyl products:

As per studies by Healthcare Materials Research, Inc., they found that nitrile gloves are better than vinyl materials in preventing hand infections among hospital staff and health-service workers, but their use also reduces odours.

6) Softness:

Nitrile gloves were originally developed to provide superior comfort compared with ordinary vinyl or latex exam gloves (allergies may be a factor). This is especially important to healthcare practitioners who often work long shifts and use the best glove performance.

7) Added protection:

Some nitrile gloves have hard surfaces on both sides, giving a hand more strength when hit. The thickness of the Nitrene gloves lasts longer than vinyl epoxy or latex etc. (the finish is still soft, it is not ultra-thin).

8) Chemical proof:

Nitrile gloves are chemical resistant and used in harsh environments such as nuclear facilities. They are also utilized in chemical industries to safely handle chemicals and other hazardous substances. Even though nitrile, like any material, will decompose over time due to what materials you choose, the strength that durable's better with heavy use.

Difference Between Nitrile, Latex, And Vinyl Gloves:

1) Nitrile gloves are made of a polymer called nitrene, different from latex and vinyl. Latex gloves use rubber, while nitrile gloves are a polymer that does not react with liquids or other chemicals.

2) Nitrile Gloves have a softer feel than latex or vinyl and last longer because they do not wear away easily. They also offer enhanced protection against cuts, scrapes, and punctures.

3) Nitrile has better resistance to heat and oil than other materials. It can be used in hot environments even during commercial cooking if you make sure that it is not over-heated,

4) Some women prefer nitrile gloves because they are more hygienic than silicone or vinyl ones. In some cases, "mechanical" adhesive keeps the skin firmly on your hand without residue. A nitrile glove is also easy to keep clean after a long day of handling hazardous chemicals.

5) Nitrile appears more sanitary as compared with other types of gloves. Therefore, it does not even cause fainting in people prone to a blood clot and getting bitten by bugs when they do so on these kinds of products. In contrast, latex form can turn toxic if applied on the hands, especially an envenomed one for which nitrile is more suitable.

6) Certain people like nitrile gloves because they typically do not stick to hair and other similar surfaces. So you can get rid of them easier without any hassles or stains compared with latex gloves which will ruin your clothes or uniforms even after removal from your hands; vinyl does the same if left unwashed for long in your pocket. However, its form looks like plastic when put on a bare hand.

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