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Disposable Medical Gloves Wholesaler

Weifang Zhongyang Medical Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2011 in the state of Shandong, China, and since then, we have been committed to providing premium quality medical provide products and services to our valued clients. Our main business is the production and sales of disposable medical gloves and the manufacturing of disposable gloves production line equipment. Disposable gloves include Nitrile gloves, Vinyl/Nitrile Blend gloves, Vinyl gloves, and latex gloves. After continuous development, we have built two glove factories in Shandong and Hebei, with 45 advanced production lines, a monthly capacity of 5 million boxes, and can also provide OEM services. 

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May 9,2024

Are Surgical Gowns Reusable?

Surgical gowns are vital to maintaining a sterile field during surgery, protecting both patients and healthcare workers from infection. Traditionally, disposable gowns have been the norm. However, reusable gowns are gaining traction with growing concerns about environmental impact and cost-effectiveness. Let's delve into the world of reusable surgical gowns and see if they're a viable option. Reusable vs. Disposable Gowns: Key Differences • Material: Disposable gowns are typically made from non-woven materials like polypropylene, while reusable gowns are crafted from durable, blended fabrics like cotton-polyester or polyester. • Cost: Disposable gowns have a lower upfront cost, but the ongoing expense of continuous purchasing can be significant. Reusable gowns require an initial investment but offer long-term cost savings. • Environment: Disposable gowns contribute to medical waste. Reusable gowns, with proper laundering, have a smaller environmental footprint. • Performance: Modern reusable gowns undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the same standards of sterility and fluid resistance as disposables. Factors to Consider When Choosing Reusable Gowns • Type of Surgery:  High-fluid environments might necessitate disposable gowns for optimal protection. • Laundry Facilities:  Proper cleaning and sterilization processes are crucial for reusable gowns. Ensure your facility has the necessary infrastructure. • Durability: Choose gowns designed for multiple laundering cycles without compromising integrity. The Zhongyanggloves Advantage Zhongyanggloves is a leading manufacturer of high-quality medical wear, including reusable surgical gowns. Their gowns are: • Made with high-performance fabrics that meet AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) standards for fluid resistance and bacterial filtration. • Designed for comfort and breathability, reducing wearer fatigue during long procedures. • Reinforced at critical seams for enhanced durability. • Backed by a devotion to sustainability, reducing environmental impact. Conclusion When implemented with proper protocols, reusable surgical gowns offer a viable alternative to disposables. They can provide cost savings, reduce waste, and ensure optimal protection for patients and healthcare workers. If you're considering switching to reusables, Zhongyanggloves offers a persuasive choice with its commitment to quality, performance, and sustainability.

Aug 16,2022

Importance Of Medical Gloves

Medical gloves are disposable gloves. The purpose of these kinds of gloves is to cross-contamination for patients & doctors. It is also used for medical examinations & procedures. We can say it as examination gloves as well. It is basically a barrier of protection while treatment because hand protection with medical gloves is essential due to skin disinfection. Difference between medical gloves and surgical gloves? There is no difference. But there are a few types of medical gloves available either sterile or non-sterile. Normally surgical gloves are sterile.  What are medical gloves used for? As I mentioned above, medical gloves are kind of a barrier of protection between the wearer and the patients during medical examination and procedures. It protects to spread the of infections and illnesses during cross-contamination.  Which gloves are best for medical use? Nitrile gloves, which are frequently referred to as "medical-grade," is made of synthetic rubber. When it comes to chemical and puncture protection, as well as virus prevention, nitrile gloves outperform other types. In our opinion, nitrile gloves are the best option for latex gloves. Difference between nitrile gloves vs latex gloves? As we mentioned above, nitrile gloves are made with synthetic rubber. Because of synthetic rubber, protects you from hard chemicals & they have the ability to resist puncture as well. On the other side, latex gloves  are made with natural rubber and they are very much fit and comfortable to wear. As per overall expression nitrile gloves are a better choice than nitrile gloves.  How many types of medical gloves are there? Gloves come in a variety of materials, including nitrile, chloronite, latex, vinyl, butyl rubber, and neoprene. For the health and safety of everyone, protection against contact with hazardous materials is essential. Workplaces frequently contain a variety of substances, materials, or compounds that might harm the skin or induce allergic reactions. Can nitrile gloves be reused? Disposable nitrile gloves are commonly used at once because there are disposable. But if we talk about reusable nitrile gloves, they are thicker than disposable nitrile gloves. The thicker ones can be reused but disposable nitrile gloves are thinner and cannot be reused.  This allows the PPE to repeatedly withstand liquid cleansers and other household cleaners. Because they are thicker and have a looser fit than disposable gloves, reusable nitrile gloves might make it difficult to complete delicate tasks with small equipment. Market Trend in 2022: The market for medical gloves was worth more than USD 10.17 billion in 2020, and with rising demand (particularly in developing nations), it is anticipated to increase by 9.2% annually until 2028.  South-East Asia produces the largest share of medical gloves, with Malaysia alone expected to account for roughly three-quarters of world manufacturing in 2020. Conclusion: The major reason is to increase in the demand for medical gloves is awareness. Now people are using Medical gloves because of it useful to reduce the spread the infection. Also, it can protect someone who is going out in public keeping their hand's germs free.

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Weifang Zhongyang Medical Technology Co., Ltd is the highest quality manufacturer of Nitrile Gloves and other medical gloves. We have been producing supreme quality gloves for many years and are fully committed to supplying them to the medical industry. We have a team of qualified experts and professionals who are fully dedicated to producing these gloves. At zhongyanggloves we employ high-tech machines and comply with all the certified quality standards that are needed for production. Our medical gloves are compatible with all sorts of needs and are very durable. They are highly used in the medical industry and are long-lasting. We firmly believe in customer satisfaction and thus apply the kaizen system to achieve continuous improvement in the quality of our products.

Avail Wholesale Rates For Bulk Quantities All Over The World

Zhongyanggloves feels proud to serve its customers with all they want; at our company, we produce bulk quantities of medical gloves through our vast product lines, which manufacture millions of gloves monthly. We involve the flow production techniques that help us achieve low costs and bring our customers the lowest price. This is also our competitive advantage over the other manufacturers, and we also provide OEM services. These gloves compete with the other brands and are much more durable than any other. Many customers have praised the quality of these nitrile disposable gloves and found this product a total value for money. What makes us different from the other suppliers is that we give the highest quality with the lowest price, delivered in time. Our dedicated team of staff and professionals strive to work hard for quality, and as we comply with all the standards, we are known as the leading verified supplier globally. 

We Are The Leading Gloves Production Line Maker In China

We have over two decades of experience in glove production machine making, and we can provide you with high-quality gloves machines that meet your needs. We look forward to providing you with our excellent and professional services. Our gloves from these machines are available in various materials and colours, so you can find the right one for your needs. We also offer custom-made gloves production line make that makes OEM disposable gloves if you need them tailored to fit your hands perfectly. All of our gloves production lines meet or surpass all international safety standards. We welcome inquiries worldwide and can provide you with a wide range of glove machine options if needed. Our goal is to build long-term relationships by supplying quality products at affordable prices.