Double-mould medical nitrile gloves production line

  • Double-mould medical nitrile gloves production line
  • Double-mould medical nitrile gloves production line
  • Double-mould medical nitrile gloves production line
  • Double-mould medical nitrile gloves production line

Double-mould Medical Nitrile Gloves Production Line

Our services:

1. We have our own glove factory, can provide you with the latest glove production technology. Can let you in the shortest time formal production.

2. Our technicians will go to your factory to guide the installation and debugging of the production line. And be responsible for training your technicians.

3. We can carry out cooperation on glove orders. If you don't have any orders, we can provide them for you. If your order is sufficient but there is not enough capacity, we can produce for you. Mutual benefit, win-win cooperation!

4. Provide nanny-style services, turnkey projects. We do all the work and you just press the start button.


Introduction to the production line:

Our Double-mould medical nitrile gloves production line is a fully automatic disposable nitrile glove production line, using the most advanced chlorine washing process, can produce disposable powder free medical GRADE A nitrile gloves in accordance with the American and European standards.

Main advantages of chlorine washing process:

1. Chlorine washing process can reduce the powder content of gloves, thus reducing the impact of powder, so that disposable gloves can be better used.

2. Solve the problem of wearing gloves. The chlorination process changes some of the materials, reducing friction and making wearing smoother.

3. Compared to PU coating process, there are no residual toxic chemicals and it is safer to use.

4. After chlorine washing, gloves will be softer and feel better.

Medical nitrile gloves produced by chlorine washing process are the only approved products in the European and American markets.

Chlorine washing process can produce high quality nitrile gloves, The quality of gloves meets the test standards of disposable medical nitrile gloves of European Union EN455 and American ASTM D6319.

Our production line adopts more energy saving and environmental protection, saving energy 20-30% than the conventional production line, and the cost of each glove can be reduced by RMB 0.01 YUAN.

Production capacity:

Minimum 620,000 pcs/day (25,833 pcs/h), monthly capacity: 186,000 boxes. After the stable operation of the equipment, the maximum capacity is 700,000 pcs/day (29,166 pcs/h), and the monthly capacity is 210,000 boxes.The qualified rate of medical GRADE A nitrile gloves is above 98%.

Production line advantage :

1. Adopt the current production process layout and production process of gloves, and the pass rate of products reaches more than 98%.

2. The production line adopts single mode or double mode design, high productivity, stable operation. The maximum capacity of dual-mode single line can reach 1 million pcs per day.

3. Enters a surface active agent, the film is more uniform, no powder and automatic release function;

4. The introduction of foreign advanced transmission main chain structure, chain running resistance is small, stable production at high speed;

5. A main motor drag, to solve the drag, difficult synchronization, failure points, difficult maintenance and other problems;

6. Drying oven adopts vertical hot air circulation, compared with other forms of hot air foil ring, saving energy consumption nearly 30%;

7. A variety of specifications of the same machine production, automatic adjustment of the edge, PU side, long service life;

8. A variety of specifications of production, on the same edge automatic adjustment.

9. Can design according to the needs of customers of different length, height, cost models.