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Dec 29,2021

What Is The Difference Between Nitrile, Latex, And Vinyl Gloves?

With the advent of the coronavirus, disposable gloves have been a key component in any healthcare environment. The use of these gloves helps the doctors and patients in the hospital fight against any microbes, but it also creates a safe and healthy environment to work within and sets a certain standard or protocol to follow. Many Medical Glove Exporter worldwide supply at wholesale rates, and in bulk quantity, different types of disposable gloves are made daily. Different medical environments require different types of gloves; thus, various materials and designs are made to fulfill the requirements. You should clearly know what type of glove your profession requires because if you choose the wrong one, you might get punctured, ripped, and torn. Three types of material are used to make disposable gloves that including nitrile, latex, and vinyl. Following is the precise elaboration on the different types and characteristics each one entails.

Latex Gloves:

Latex is an eminent material used in glove production as it is bio-degradable that originates from latex ducts of rubber trees, and despite the availability of synthetic materials, it is still one of the most stretchable, resilient, and adaptable materials for making gloves. Using latex gloves gives great agility, tangibleness, and comfort, which makes it perfect for the medical, automobile, and foodservice industries. They also offer protection against bacteria, viruses, and body fluids. The thickness is also necessary in terms of wear and tear; therefore, they are made with a variety of thicknesses so that people can use them according to their need to avoid any puncture and tears. There are three types: powdered, the other slightly powdered, and the third is powder-free. This powder is the corn starch that provides you with ease to wear it by its slipping texture. One drawback to this latex material is that it is an allergen that creates itching and dryness on the skin, leading to severe skin allergy to some skin-sensitive people.

Vinyl Gloves:

Vinyl is made from polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers, making it a synthetic and non-bio-degradable material used to produce disposable gloves. Being more synthetic and non-biodegradable makes it long-lasting and gives a prolonged shelf life than the latex gloves that deteriorate with time if not used. This is the cheapest glove to purchase since the manufacturing cost is pretty low. Like the latex gloves, these vinyl gloves also come in different thickness levels and powdered and non-powdered forms. These gloves do not give full protection against germs, chemicals, and microorganisms, but at least it gives a little protection against non-hazardous materials and chemicals. This vinyl glove doesn’t provide that much stretch, dexterity to the person, and there is a high chance that the glove will tear. The main application of these gloves is in the food industry, where product safety is important but doesn’t require much rough loading work.

Nitrile Gloves:

Nitrile gloves are made from another synthetic material, nitrile butadiene rubber, so they are a replacement for people with latex allergies and have a longer shelf life than latex gloves. Nitrile is three times more puncture-resistant than latex, but it tears completely when you puncture a glove. However, if there is a noticeable rift, the wearer will change gloves and protect their hands. Nitriles (comparing prices) are similar to latex in fit, grip, dexterity, and durability, but are more resistant to oils, fats, solvents, and chemicals, so they are resistant to the chemical industry, laboratories, photochemical industry, and agriculture. Also ideal for pesticide applications and meat processing, and medical applications. Another advantage of nitrile gloves is that they dissolve static charges most effectively and have fewer particles that contribute to the pollution of the work environment if used in clean rooms. It can also withstand higher temperatures than latex, making it useful for automotive applications. Nitrile gloves come in a variety of strengths, including latex and vinyl, powder, light powder, and powder-free. The only drawback of these gloves is the cost. Nitrile is the most expensive of the three types of gloves.

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